Rooms & Exits

Escape Games

Are you an escape artist?

Experience the world of unique room escape games! Don’t miss the perfect challenge in solving complicated and addicting games and puzzles to open 100 rooms. Find the exit by searching, combine the items or dismantle them, crack the codes, and entertain yourself with new adventure games. Reveal the room mystery and open the door! Your task is to thoroughly search for the clues, constantly observe, connect all the hints together and find the keys!

Rooms & Exits
Escape Games

You are LOCKED in a strange room…what now?!

If you thrive on a challenge, you’ll enjoy the varieties of levels and the satisfaction of conquering each level of Rooms & Exits. On the one side, it is a classic escape room game with user-friendly gameplay, on the other side, it is a brand-new and unique home exit challenge with lots of logic puzzles and brain games, which will entertain you for hours!

Use all your skills and find a way to escape.

Accept the challenge – search the rooms for hidden items, find clues, use the logic and solve brain teasers, find the keys and escape the room. A new game will help you to grow up sharpness and memory power. Free adventure games will increase your problem-solving skills. Use your collected items and click on hints if you get stuck at some point while playing these addicting escape room games.

Our players have this to say:


  • Keeps you thinking in creative way 5/5


  • This is the kind of escape games I’ve been waiting on for a long time. Very nice job thanks, please make more like this.


  • Love the game. Nice to play something different, please make more!!!!