Fun Escape Room Puzzles

Mind Games, Brain Teasers

More than 100 doors and escape rooms with tricky brain teasers and riddles!

Get ready for one of the most downloaded new escape games in 2020 and do your best to solve all the fun brain puzzles, unlock 100 doors and become the room escape master! Enjoy solving hundreds of brain teaser games with levels and an amazing variety of mind puzzles – Fun Escape Room – 100 Doors Free Escape Games!

Fun Escape Room Puzzles
Mind Games, Brain Teasers

This outstanding escape room game will test your logical thinking and challenge your abilities in solving all sorts of brain quizzes and math puzzles! This is a perfect room escape game for all who enjoy exit games with levels, so enter this mysterious house full of floors and rooms, search for hidden objects and hidden clues to crack the code, unlock doors and escape the house!

Can you escape the mysterious house with 100 doors and rooms? Complete the task by searching the mystery escape rooms for hidden items. Hidden objects will help you crack the code of logic brain teasers and unlock doors. Get now and enjoy new exit games that will train your brain and challenge your logical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Our players have this to say:


  • I like the graphics of the pictures, it reminds me of the cartoon shows back in the day like “Recess” and “Pepper Anne”. I like that it provides different kinds of activities to challenge your mind and way of thinking.


  • I LOVE this game!!! You have to use your brains. I like having to use my brain.


  • This game is addictive and fun. My brain loves puzzles and this is entertaining to the brain.