Escape Time

Playful Time-travel into the Kingdom of Puzzles

Help the zany Professor and his feline sidekick in their thrilling quest through time and space! Infuse yourself with the secrets and wonders of the lost worlds! The cheerful tone of their mishaps and their off-beat wanders invite you treat yourself with a moment of relaxation and unwind.
What’s the next shenanigan they will come up with? Download the game to find out!

Escape Time
Playful Time-travel into the Kingdom of Puzzles

Professor’s time machine pulled a magic trick and shattered into a zillion pieces! Time-travel now requires expert-level puzzle-solving skills.
Your mission is to navigate through perplexing mazes, decode ancient riddles, and harness the power of the artifacts to escape each level and gather all the pieces for a safe travel home!
As you solve puzzles and unlock the secrets of each level, you’ll unravel the whimsical storyline that binds the past and present together. Can you decipher all the clues to unlock the next chapter in this thrilling time-traveling saga?

Our players have this to say:


  • A really really great game. You have to solve small puzzles to get to the next room. There are many well-known mini-games. I find it very varied and really enjoy playing it, many thanks to the developers.


  • Love it. Still addicting after level 500+.


  • Good little game! Fun when you want to just chill and play a little challenge, but don’t want to use too much brain power.