Books Of Wonders

Hidden Object Games Collection

Enchanting collection of missing items & finding hidden gems

Enter the mysterious, hidden library where Books of Wonders and their secrets await to be discovered! Experience a brand new and original collection of hidden object games and embark on an amazing hidden objects journey like you’ve never seen before!

Books Of Wonders
Hidden Object Games Collection

Each book is a unique hidden objects adventure that will take you on a marvelous exploration through time and space. Choose a story that you like, explore beautifully crafted scenes full of hidden pictures and find the hidden objects to complete your adventure quest before the next journey begins. As you play amazing new hidden object adventure games, you have to open all the Books of Wonders and discover amazing hidden puzzles.

The mystery journey is about to begin! Wonder around a magic land and enchanted forest, explore ancient lost city, discover lost island and reveal hidden treasure, investigate crime scene and solve a criminal case to become the greatest police detective; feel the splendor of a princess castle or dive into the deep blue sea to save the little mermaid!

Our players have this to say:


  • Love this game. This one is fun and a little different. I love the book concept and collecting stickers. I think this one beats the others by far!


  • Brilliant concept, highly entertaining, not too easy, no time limits, by far best game I have played for awhile, can’t wait for updates…


  • I have played a lot of these games. This one is different and fun please keep putting new books out and I will keep this game for a long time thanks guys for the great work!